Company Profile

CallAll is an International financial technology platform, primarily a Telecom based company.

About Us / Our Story / Our Beginning

By a huge coincidence, a South African Engelbrecht family met a Bangladeshi man on the internet and began sharing their different experiences of money and telecoms worlds. These foreign entities combined their different approaches and unique views to the mobile money and VoIP space. This unusual coalition formed in 2009 and ever since thrived through great mutual trust and perseverance. Success in the international VoIP calling business soon led to an interest in the world of finance. Reading the market trends together and anticipating the future direction of human behavior, the new CallAll initiative slowly positioned itself into an ever-expanding platform.

Now, after a massive investment in funds and time and research, we are uniquely entering the market. New enthusiastic individuals has joined us to comprise a bouquet of the unique abilities and contributes ever put together. Before long, we are revealing our new investors and strategically joint forces who are pulling together to give the world something worthy of the free individual's time and money.

Our Team

Our team is growing currently, the CallAll Directors comprise of South African and Bangladeshi nationals. We are proud to mention that our new Investment force originates from all over the world, and together we will reach new heights.

Our current directors

  • H.Engelbrecht
  • O.Faruk
  • J.Engelbrecht
  • JC.Greyling

CallAll 101 Offices

Our Product / Services

We offer an array of VAS products that operate with integrity towards the client. Nationally and Internationally, we aim to provide services tailor-made for each participating country and the ability to interact in a safe environment. Through our services and well-known channel partners from a broad spectrum of disciplines, we aim to offer:

  • - Telecoms
  • - Money transacting
  • - Currency swap abilities
  • - Personal money management

CallAll 101 Offices

Mission Statement

CallAll is a fast-growing financial platform that connects customers financially and personally across borders and technologies, seamlessly, instantly and at a fraction of the cost of mainstream competitors.


We would share our platform with anyone having the same goal in providing a clean money transaction environment. We allow the individual to uplift himself through financial self-management rather than luring the poor and individual into treacherous loan schemes. We avoid building our business plan based on confusing and misleading the client like the norm with most current Telco and Bank lobbies.

Vision Statement

CallAll aims to be the financial service provider of the future. With several new services launched and showing tremendous growth, we are venturing further. Recently joined by very high profile international icons and investors, we aim to roll out our footprint worldwide. CallAll incorporates and houses the perfect social and financial environment, Callall101 platform could be the financial inclusion's Higgs boson particle needed to give the world a friendly money and transacting experience. We ultimately aspire to help the individual claim his/her human right to own and manage his/her money. On this platform, we intend to accommodate other relative services of participating players and even opposition who would share our enthusiasm.

Competitive Edge

We know the man on the street compared to the usual corporate misunderstanding of the real world viewed from the 17th floor. Our experience gives us the recipe and respect from those usually being excluded and disadvantaged by the old, outdated money regimes.

Industry Information

CallAll brings various transacting and participating client solutions, as the modern world moves away from brick and mortar corporations that were excluding the average man on the street from actively participating and benefiting from the financial infrastructure.